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We're almost 21!
(...and if you're not, be patient...they make it everyday.)


After 21 yrs. as an esteemed, founding member, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist, Marty Connolly, has chosen to take a "sabbatical" from performing with Three Men in Kilts to concentrate more of his time on growing Cottage Creations of Mokena, a business that he shares with his wife, Liz. 

Both Dan and I support and respect Marty's decision and remain partners, brothers and friends...and perhaps, Marty will join TMIK, from time to time along the way...he will ALWAYS be a part of TMIK.

Sorry...no drama to report.

In the meantime...

Bill's son, Brendan Hannigan will be joining TMIK in 2014.

Brendan is a gifted singer/songwriter and musician, alum of Second City and IO and is a contributing member of The  Hitmen, an improvisational group based in Chicago. Brendan is also a founding member of the musical group, The Misfit Toyz.

In his spare time (his day job), Brendan is a well-traveled Guru for Groupon.

Brendan, 12 yrs. old at the time, was instrumental in coming up with the moniker, Three Men in Kilts, which we continue to enjoy today and especially respectfully honor the name and Brendan's creativity on 90 degree days.
So...we all look forward to seeing you in the future...check out the TMIK website for more information.

"Play On, Boy-O's!"


 TMIK music now available on Spotify, MUVE, I (heart) Radio...wherever you listen on-line...



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